American Mothers National Convention in Washington, D.C.

When I was escorted by a military officer into a grand ballroom as the California Mother of the Year, I was proud to represent my progressive state. Networking and meeting the Mothers of the Year from states across the USA, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands was both humbling and inspiring. We all met in Washington DC at the 3-day conference at the historic Mayflower Hotel. I enjoyed learning about each mother's journey through motherhood.

The common thread that wove us together was that we are all momma bears. In our unique ways, we protect, we guide, we overcome, and we cherish our children. Some of us have been raped, some live without modern conveniences, and some are single moms. Others are raising children with challenging disabilities and mental health issues. But we're all moms who have changed our lives so we can be there for our children forever.

We discussed major issues that we face as mothers: child care, gun violence, education/student debt, mental health and more. I shared my platforms for setting up free child care in the home, and getting students to do projects to get into top colleges and win scholarships (without cheating!) while solving major issues we face as a nation -- and as a civilization. Many mothers have set up non-profit organizations and started lucrative businesses to support mothers and children.

I look forward to developing these new friendships and sharing our journeys with the other 2019 Mothers of the Year over this exciting year!