My Student has a Plan to Prevent Overpopulation: P.O.P.

When you think about it, just about every major problem we’re facing today is caused because we have too many people on this planet.

That’s what Pascal found while she searched for viable projects to do.  After much research and contemplation, Pascal is proposing that every couple has just 2 (or less) kids.  We found it difficult to explain, so she created a cute whiteboard video with great illustrations to show the world why we need to reduce our population of 7 billion people before we hit 10 billion. 

Check out her website and whiteboard video at  Then go to the PROMISE page and pledge to only have 2 (or less) children or share this with friends and family to get the message out. 

It’s really not okay to have more than 2 children because of the devastating impact it will have on our quality of life and the environment. Watch Pascal’s whiteboard video to see why you really can’t afford to have more than 2 kids anyway. 

She’s done a great job with this movement!