The "Period" Emoji

There’s finally a “period” emoji.  Not to be confused with a punctuation mark – it’s the taboo topic about menstruation. Across all civilizations and even up to today, the monthly menstrual cycle continues to be a hush-hush subject.  Periods have been referred to as “Aunt Flo” and other euphemisms.  Some societies still banish women to huts outside villages while they are on their periods – don’t get me started... But the Unicode Consortium just announced that they have approved the period emoji, which is a drop of blood. 

It’s about time! When emojis are essential in adding emotions and a little depth to quick text messages, having the period emoji can instantly give color (no pun intended) to the situation. Just as a raised eyebrow emoji makes one wonder what’s going on, the period emoji may explain why we might forgo strenuous exercise. Glad to see a little progress being made here with the important and vital part that menstruation plays in the survival of civilization.