SAT Error Leads to Possible Math Score Increase

If you took the May 2019 SAT, your math score may go up by 10-20 points! Yup. The College Board made an error by not including the correct answer in the multiple choice possibilities. Students whose scores were increased due to this error have been notified by the College Board, and notifications have been sent to colleges.

This is yet another example of how wealthy students have better opportunities than their poorer counterparts. A private school student’s SAT tutor found the error when reviewing the student’s exam. We all know how every point makes a difference in college admissions and scholarship decisions, and students whose parents can pay tutors to analyze their entire May SATs – something that can cost hundreds of dollars – so the student can improve specific areas for future sittings or challenge the College Board (like they did here) if errors are found reap the benefits.

Unfortunately, most errors are never caught, and most students and their families don’t have the finances, or time, to fight the College Board. But this time, many SAT students who took the test in May will receive the benefits of the rich and famous without paying a dime. Love it when these breaks help all students.