Summer Bucket List

Can't believe it's already the middle of June! I love the long days when it's still sunny out after work and I have time to ride my bike along the beach before sunset. 

With just a few weeks left before kids head back to school and autumn arrives, jot down some ideas for your Summer Bucket List! 

Whether it's for yourself or for the whole family, write them down, put them on your calendar, and start making arrangements NOW.

Here are some ideas:

For YOU:

1. Road Trip -- get away from stress and every-day hassles by heading out of town and relaxing at a resort or nice hotel with amenities to revitalize you!

2.  Day Spa -- get pampered from head to toe -- full-body massage and facial!

3.  Make Over -- learn how to take care of your skin and create a new look with makeup!

4.  New Wardrobe -- buy a new outfit, and if you can afford it, a new wardrobe!


For the FAMILY:

1.  Movie Marathon -- select 3 or 4 new movies and spend the day/night going to see all of them!

2.  TV Marathon -- watch an entire season in one weekend. Turn off the phones, make the popcorn, and indulge yourselves!

3.  Beach/Lake Day -- grab bathing suits and sunscreen, then head to the water!

4.  Amusement Park -- head out to your favorite amusement park to load up on the adrenaline rush, junk food, and people watching!

5.  Party Time -- invite all of the friends and family you were hoping to see during the summer (but just never got around to it)!

Put this on your calendar and make the calls or send the invites! You'll be glad you did once fall arrives and the days get shorter.