Toxic Pollutants And Future Generations

Did you know that toxic pollutants can harm future, unexposed generations?

I’ve often wondered when our children will blame us for the environmental degradation that we have laid on them. Maybe that explains the X, Y, and millennial generations’ short-term view on their future.  SIGH. But now there are studies by the Environmental Working Group that shows how some toxic chemicals are passed from pregnant women to fetuses, and also to grandchildren and possibly great-grandchildren.  Yup – we’ve really screwed up and now it’s going to affect future generations, too.

How does this happen?  While a woman is pregnant, toxic chemicals are passed on to her fetus and to the fetus’s reproductive cells.  This process is called a “Transgenerational Effect.” Click here to learn more about epigenetics.

Isn’t it time for us to stop producing toxic chemicals that wreak havoc on our bodies, the foods we eat, and now our future generations?