Why Iceland is the Best Place in the World for Girls and Women

Starting in preschool, gender equality lessons are taught -- and it doesn't stop there. They have 3 laws that protect women at work, ban gender discriminatory advertising, and prohibit strip clubs for feminist reasons. In 2009, Iceland was the first country to completely close the gender gap in education and health.

In 2016, it was 87% of the way to closing gender gaps in all sectors.

Check out the laws and practices that Iceland uses to support women's rights:

1. Women's equality is protected by law

2. Equal pay for equal work is mandatory (by 2020)

3. Companies' Boards must include at least 40% women

4. Best parental-leave policy in the world

5. Students learn gender equality is important (preschool to college)

6. Paying for sex is illegal; strip clubs are illegal; prostitutes are victims

Imagine the world if all nations had these laws and practices in place? That would be a more peaceful and enlightened world.