Women Make 79 Cents To The Dollar!

Watching the crowd’s reaction to one of my student’s artistic political message was both humbling and inspiring to me. 

Nathan Decena meticulously painted a dollar bill, but instead of putting George Washington’s face in the center of the bill, he placed Martha Washington’s, his wife’s image.  Then, instead of placing a “1,” he placed “79” – to show that women make .79 cents to the dollar that men make.  He wanted to symbolize society’s historical disparagement of women.  Wow! 

Nathan was just 17 years old when he painted this.  He has vision and wisdom that I wish our current administration would have.  I love the fact that he is a young man with such respect for women (has great parents!) and he uses his art to send poignant messages to the world.

Nathan is launching his inspirational website with a gallery of his art collection.  Can’t wait to see what he produces next!