Trump Can't Stop Climate Scientists!

I have renewed faith in humanity.  Albeit, I’m grabbing for straws, but, when I hear terrifying stats on melting ice caps, sinking ocean floors, and rising sea levels, I’ll take it!  A year ago (can’t believe it’s only been a year since Trump took office – it feels like four!), the Trump administration FIRED the top climate scientists in the world. Seriously?  But the amazing news is that Richard Moss, the former member of the Federal Advisory Committee for the Sustained National Climate Assessment, has pulled together several of the scientists who were fired last year to continue their research. 


Even though the team is not funded by the federal government, they are banding together to continue their research to find solutions to our climate change problems. New York’s Governor Cuomo plans to help fund this research, and others will hopefully follow suit!  I think that their research will probably find “real” solutions quicker because they won’t be fighting an uphill battle with a president and administration that doesn’t believe climate change is real. 

TEDx MeritAcademy Speaker Logan Conover

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“Can Individual People Reduce CO2 Enough to Ward Off Climate Change?”
When natural disasters start to happen is the real question behind climate change, not if they will happen. People have already started to see the consequences of rising CO2 levels, with the 2-degree temperature rise and global CO2 levels passing 404 parts per million (ppm). Let’s discuss an easy and practical solution that we can all embrace.

About Logan Conover:
Logan Conover founded When, Not If…, a non-profit organization that educates people about their carbon emissions, the positive feedback loop, and easy solutions to reducing CO2 in the atmosphere.  He stumbled across climate change when he learned that many congressmen/women were denying its existence. This frustrated Logan because he couldn’t understand why people wouldn’t believe 99% of the scientists who state that climate change is real with proof that it is real. Logan realized that he needed to something fast and he needed to make it easy, so he created When, Not If… to share facts with people and get the world to take action against climate change.

Kids4Hydrogen Offers Solution to 1 Billion Cars Spewing CO2 Into the Atmosphere

Sometimes the most obvious solutions are best discovered by our kids.  At Earth Day Santa Cruz, Hannah Faris debuted her plan to reduce CO2.  With ONE BILLION internal combustion engine (ICE) cars on the road worldwide, Hannah is proposing that we all convert our ICE cars so they can use either Metrol (liquid hydrogen and nitrogen) or gasoline (until there are Metrol pumps at every fueling station). 

Makes sense!  The earth is warming up and we’re fast approaching 2 degrees, and soon after 3 degrees – when life as we know it won’t exist anymore.  And as much as electric cars and hydrogen fuel cell cars are wonderful solutions, realistically it’ll be 100 years before they replace every ICE car on the planet. 

So what do we do with the ONE BILLION ICE CARS that are spewing CO2 every day?  We convert them!  By replacing spark plugs with Smart Plugs and adding a few minor devices to your existing engine, your cars will be able to use either Metrol or gasoline – with a flip of a switch!  At the cost of just a few thousand dollars that could be financed so nobody would have to dip into their savings, this conversion could take place in just a few hours.

So what is Metrol?  It’s a fuel that has net-negative emissions – which means that it actually cleans the air as you drive!  The really amazing part is that it is made from anything that rots or burns. They take the methane and pull out the carbon to make hydrogen.  This is where Metrol is different from biofuels.  By adding nitrogen (and other proprietary ingredients) to hydrogen, it creates a liquid hydrogen that can be stored at room temperature.  This is revolutionary.

Hannah is opening Kids 4 Hydrogen chapters across the US to share this amazing solution to our energy needs. She is just finishing a whiteboard video that will answers questions as she works with the developers to – well, save civilization.  Join the movement: and sign the waitlist for conversions.  It’s free and there’s no obligation.

We can’t rely on our government (don’t get me started!), corporate America, and even our own EPA.  So, join Hannah and the youth as they stand up to the oligarchy that runs our nation and create an infrastructure that will reduce CO2!

Still Afraid of Hydrogen? Check This Out.

Scared of H2?Watch this short video to dispel the myth that hydrogen is dangerous!

My good friend David Vasquez just released this timely film on the safety of hydrogen. 

Now that climate change is clearly on the table for discussion about alternative energy, learn the truth about hydrogen.  When produced by solar or wind, it is the cleanest fuel source available.  It has zero carbon emissions and unlike batteries (for electric cars), there are no toxic chemicals and no worry about disposal at the end of the life. 

Watch this short 4-minute video so when you think hydrogen, you think clean, sustainable energy, and you stop thinking Hindenburg (explosion was NOT caused by hydrogen) and the hydrogen bomb (energy is a chemical reaction, not nuclear!). 

The sooner we move to a hydrogen economy, the better chance we have to slow carbon dioxide’s negative effects.


Can Kids Sue the Government for Failing to Act on Climate Change?

Kids Suing the GovernmentI love this!  Finally, 21 kids may have the opportunity to force the government to stop the devastation that Climate Change has and will continue to wreak on earth

It’s about time!

Dr. James Hansen, an adjunct professor at Columbia University and former director of NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies is the guardian of “future generations” and his granddaughter is the plaintiff in the case. It’s about time that kids step up to the plate. 

Julia Olson, lawyer with Wild Earth Advocates and Our Children’s Trust, says that the government has continued actions to “permit, authorize and subsidize fossil fuel extraction, development, consumption and exportation.”

The government is not just sitting by and doing nothing, they are actually doing everything to cause this problem.


Australia Cuts 110 Climate Scientist Jobs. Seriously?

AustralioopsI feel sickened by this news. Australia’s federally-funded research agency, similar to our NASA in the United States, has cut 110 of 140 positions that handle atmosphere and oceans, and another 120 positions will be cut from the land and water program.

I’m in shock! Australia is GROUND ZERO for climate change!

With these climate scientists now working in fields that are unrelated to their training and expertise (climate change and CO2 reduction), who will create the climate models and offer solutions? What kind of message are they sending to their young scientists, and more importantly, what are they going to do when they face climate-caused devastation?

Looks like corporate greed is the culprit, yet again. Yup! Economist Clive Spash says, “Climate science becomes secondary to business; business comes first. The interests of the corporate sector, of the mining and resource extraction industry, are primary in Australia.”

How could this happen to a country that already has extensive deserts, variable annual rainfall, and big problems with water supply? When are the Australians and everyone around the world going to wake up and work together to drastically reduce CO2 in the atmosphere? (Hint: HYDROGEN can be the answer - see this video Kids4Hydrogen made)

I am surprised that a few corporate giants have the power to mislead the masses and that most people still have their heads in the sand.  Actively addressing climate change is something we need to have done YESTERDAY.  It’s time we wake up!

Source: Scientific American

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