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Trump Can't Stop Climate Scientists!

I have renewed faith in humanity.  Albeit, I’m grabbing for straws, but, when I hear terrifying stats on melting ice caps, sinking ocean floors, and rising sea levels, I’ll take it!  A year ago (can’t believe it’s only been a year since Trump took office – it feels like four!), the Trump administration FIRED the top climate scientists in the world. Seriously?  But the amazing news is that Richard Moss, the former member of the Federal Advisory Committee for the Sustained National Climate Assessment, has pulled together several of the scientists who were fired last year to continue their research. 


Even though the team is not funded by the federal government, they are banding together to continue their research to find solutions to our climate change problems. New York’s Governor Cuomo plans to help fund this research, and others will hopefully follow suit!  I think that their research will probably find “real” solutions quicker because they won’t be fighting an uphill battle with a president and administration that doesn’t believe climate change is real. 

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