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Why TEDx Rejected Our Initial Application

We were rejected when we first applied to host a TEDx event.  Yup.  Actually, we were rejected twice because they considered our topics “too focused on climate change.”

To solve the problem, while we didn’t reduce our numbers of speakers who offered solutions to climate change, we did invite other interesting speakers to offer more diversity.  But isn’t climate change the single most important crisis we face today? If we don’t reduce CO2 in the atmosphere and stop warming up the planet, our permafrost in the artic will begin to melt, and then we’ll face problems that we probably will not be able to fix. 

In other words, if we don’t find solutions now, all of the other issues will be moot. Check out this interesting article by New York, “The Uninhabitable Earth.”

TEDx MeritAcademy Speaker Logan Conover

Join us for TEDx MeritAcademy at the Rio Theater in Santa Cruz on Aug 14, 2017 at 7 pm!  Get your tickets for TEDxMeritAcademy at Meet Logan Conover, one of our speakers!

“Can Individual People Reduce CO2 Enough to Ward Off Climate Change?”
When natural disasters start to happen is the real question behind climate change, not if they will happen. People have already started to see the consequences of rising CO2 levels, with the 2-degree temperature rise and global CO2 levels passing 404 parts per million (ppm). Let’s discuss an easy and practical solution that we can all embrace.

About Logan Conover:
Logan Conover founded When, Not If…, a non-profit organization that educates people about their carbon emissions, the positive feedback loop, and easy solutions to reducing CO2 in the atmosphere.  He stumbled across climate change when he learned that many congressmen/women were denying its existence. This frustrated Logan because he couldn’t understand why people wouldn’t believe 99% of the scientists who state that climate change is real with proof that it is real. Logan realized that he needed to something fast and he needed to make it easy, so he created When, Not If… to share facts with people and get the world to take action against climate change.

Global Seed Vault At Risk

In 2008, the Norwegian government collected a million packets of seeds from around the world to place them in the Svalbard Global Seed Vault.  They did this to secure seeds to protect food crops from climate change, wars, and natural disasters.  It was designed as an impregnable deep-freeze so we could restart civilization in the case of a massive disaster. They buried the Global Seed Vault deep into a mountain inside the Arctic Circle with the hope that we would never need to retrieve it. Thank you Norway!

But with our extreme heat wave of 2016, meltwater has gushed into the entrance of the tunnel where the Global Seed Vault is located. The permafrost is melting and the “failsafe” protection that we were relying on in the case of a natural or man-made disaster is at risk. So far, the seeds are still safe but further melting of the permafrost leaves the Norwegians concerned.  They are building a waterproof 100-meter tunnel and digging trenches to channel the water away.  Thank goodness their government understands the importance of protecting seeds and searching for solutions to climate change.

I hope people are listening and doing their part to reverse climate change.  I just wish our government – the oligarchs – would set policies to save civilization rather than destroy it. ARGH!

Kids4Hydrogen Offers Solution to 1 Billion Cars Spewing CO2 Into the Atmosphere

Sometimes the most obvious solutions are best discovered by our kids.  At Earth Day Santa Cruz, Hannah Faris debuted her plan to reduce CO2.  With ONE BILLION internal combustion engine (ICE) cars on the road worldwide, Hannah is proposing that we all convert our ICE cars so they can use either Metrol (liquid hydrogen and nitrogen) or gasoline (until there are Metrol pumps at every fueling station). 

Makes sense!  The earth is warming up and we’re fast approaching 2 degrees, and soon after 3 degrees – when life as we know it won’t exist anymore.  And as much as electric cars and hydrogen fuel cell cars are wonderful solutions, realistically it’ll be 100 years before they replace every ICE car on the planet. 

So what do we do with the ONE BILLION ICE CARS that are spewing CO2 every day?  We convert them!  By replacing spark plugs with Smart Plugs and adding a few minor devices to your existing engine, your cars will be able to use either Metrol or gasoline – with a flip of a switch!  At the cost of just a few thousand dollars that could be financed so nobody would have to dip into their savings, this conversion could take place in just a few hours.

So what is Metrol?  It’s a fuel that has net-negative emissions – which means that it actually cleans the air as you drive!  The really amazing part is that it is made from anything that rots or burns. They take the methane and pull out the carbon to make hydrogen.  This is where Metrol is different from biofuels.  By adding nitrogen (and other proprietary ingredients) to hydrogen, it creates a liquid hydrogen that can be stored at room temperature.  This is revolutionary.

Hannah is opening Kids 4 Hydrogen chapters across the US to share this amazing solution to our energy needs. She is just finishing a whiteboard video that will answers questions as she works with the developers to – well, save civilization.  Join the movement: and sign the waitlist for conversions.  It’s free and there’s no obligation.

We can’t rely on our government (don’t get me started!), corporate America, and even our own EPA.  So, join Hannah and the youth as they stand up to the oligarchy that runs our nation and create an infrastructure that will reduce CO2!

This Is Scary News: Record-Breaking Climate Change!

Here’s another “GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE SAND” moment. Just because we had lots of rain this winter doesn’t mean that our drought is over and everything is back to normal.

2016 was the HOTTEST YEAR EVER RECORDED according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). 

Global warming is a direct result of human activity and we have and will continue to see climate-related disasters. 


Remember in 2016:

  • Vanishing artic and polar sea ice
  • Bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef
  • Flash floods in the United Kingdom
  • Droughts in India, Southern and Eastern Africa, and Central America
  • Hurricane Matthew devastated Haiti
  • Heavy rains and floods affected Eastern and Southern Asia

This year and every year will bring on more severe weather because our oceans are heating up which causes the ice caps to melt.  Atmospheric carbon dioxide continues to rise because we keep spewing CO2 from our cars and factories.

Sign petitions, call your representatives, donate funds, march with the masses.  It’s time to unite to save our civilization. We’re facing unprecedented climate-related catastrophes.


Live on KSCO Radio: My Students!

Tune into KSCO’s Planet Watch Show (1080 AM) on Sunday, March 26th!  Two of my students will be presenting their projects that can very well get everyday people to change their impact on this planet.  Logan will talk about his When, Not If organization and how YOU can help us prevent millions of lbs of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.  Pascal will talk about how having just 2 children per couple can mitigate a host of problems by lowering our population with her project Preventing Overpopulation P.O.P.  My good friend Joe Jordan and Rachel Goodman are the hosts for Planet Watch.  It’s entertaining and fascinating!

If you miss the radio talk show or if you live out of the area, just go HERE.  Archives will be available on the same page after the show airs.

Wondering About "Real" Information on Climate Change?

I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed with politics in our nation’s capital, which has made it more difficult to wade through the volumes of articles, blogs, and news about what’s really going on with climate change. 

If you live in Santa Cruz County or the San Francisco Bay Area, you might be interested in attending the Climate Science and Policy Conference 2017 at UCSC.  This year’s focus is on ACTING NOW TO SECURE A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE.  It’s on Friday night, Feb 24th and all day Saturday, Feb 25th up on the beautiful UC Santa Cruz campus. 

Registration is free!  Check out the list of speakers 

Hearing from professors from Stanford, George Mason University, UC Santa Barbara and UC Santa Cruz, and elected officials and government agencies should be entertaining.  Sometimes it’s best to hear from people who are actively engaged in research instead of the media.  Hope to see you there!

500 Methane Seeps Off the Coast of California, Washington and Oregon!

So I thought CO2 was the biggest contributor to climate change but now I’m terrified about methane. According to Robert Ballard of the Ocean Exploration Trust, “It appears that the entire coast off Washington, Oregon and California is a giant methane seep.” They have found over 500 new methane seeps. 

Check out this video:

Did you know that methane traps heat 40 times more effectively than CO2? Yup.  So global warming is accellerating even more than we thought, which makes it even more important than ever to reduce CO2 as much as we possibly can RIGHT NOW.  Yikes.

It’s time to do everything we can to stop the destruction we’re setting up for ourselves.  We can't plug holes in the ocean floor, but we CAN control our own CO2 emissions!


Why One Degree Matters!

Why one degree matters! Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you need to wake up!

When I hear people make snide remarks like “it’ll be nice for our winters to be a few degrees warmer!” while referencing CLIMATE CHANGE or GLOBAL WARMING, I lose my s**t.  Even with the Paris Climate Change talks last year, some world leaders are either in denial or they’re controlled by Big Oil. 

A shift of one degree is barely noticeable to human skin; but we’re not talking about human skin, we’re talking about the planet.  One degree warmer for the planet is and will continue to cause devastation that we are all beginning to see now.  One of my students forwarded me this excellent article that describes what will happen to the planet, and subsequently, human civilization, for every single degree that the planet warms.  READ THIS:

0.5-1.0 Degree Warmer: (No chance of stopping this; we are already here)
Droughts = Deserts = Forest Fires
Melting ice caps – feedback loop – won’t be able to save the ice caps and glaciers

1.0-2.0 Degrees Warmer: (93% chance of stopping this IF we reduce greenhouse gases by 60% by 2026)
Saharan-type heat waves = kills hundreds of thousands
Mass migration away from equator
Fresh water supplies gone
Ecosystem collapse -- 1/3 or species will face extinction

2.0-3.0 Degrees Warmer: (Little chance of stopping this once we reach 2 degrees because of carbon-cycle feedbacks)
Mass starvation (as soon as 2050)
Even more mass migration with starving people causing political and social upheaval

3.0-4.0 Degrees Warmer: (Little chance of stopping this once we reach 3 degrees because of runaway thaw of permafrost)
Millions of refugees flee to the coasts
Sea levels rise so coastlines and islands will be submerged
Permafrost thaw causes billions of tons of carbon to release into the atmosphere
Fires = dustbowls
World economy bust

4.0-5.0 Degrees Warmer: (Little chance of stopping this once we reach 4 degrees because of the release of trapped methane from the sea bed)
Ice sheets from both poles have vanished
No international aid; fight for survival
There’s more bad news but I don’t want to write it (read the article)

I blogged about this because we need to make substantial changes to stop CO2 from entering the atmosphere NOW. 

To avoid our planet from getting 2 degrees warmer, we have 10 years to reduce our output by 60%.  That means that we need to embrace an energy source that is 100% clean and we need to convert our internal combustion cars to use hydrogen NOW.  My students are working on solutions that can divert our current collision course and I’ll be blogging about it in the next few months. 

Get your head out of the sand and start reducing your carbon footprint today!

Logan Prevented 1000 POUNDS of Carbon from Entering our Atmosphere!

Thanks to Logan Conover, over 1,000 lbs of carbon did NOT go into the atmosphere over the past 3 months. 

Kudos to Logan! His campaign, WHEN NOT, IF, encourages people to stop driving one day each month to reduce the CO2 that’s released by driving cars. He started with the Santa Cruz County area, and now he’s now reaching out to people across America. 

Please share this so we can help Logan reach his new goal of 10,000 lbs by the end of the year. 

Remember to NOT drive tomorrow, July 23rd, and go to to enter your stats so you can be part of this climate-changing movement!


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